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Comms Cabinets

A professionally organised data cabinet will stay tidy for longer.

With all the will in the world, data cabinets have a habit of getting themselves in a mess. Changes to hardware and patching can lead to a nest of cables that many people don’t dare touch.

We have a wealth of experience in reorganising cabinets and providing cable management solutions. Our proven methodology ensures that there is minimal operational disruption to your network and provides you with a easy to manage data cabinet that will stay tidier for longer. 

Cablenet has been helping companies with all their network-related needs for more than three decades. One of our specialities is the cabinet tidy service, which is designed to maximize the efficiency of your comms frame and prevent unplanned downtime and accidents.


In our experience, cabling (even “spaghetti”-like messes) is the last concern of business owners and even IT managers. Until something happens of course. When all business operations have to be stopped because of a faulty cable, this is when cabinet tidiness becomes of the utmost importance.

We can supply cabinets in all sizes from all leading manufacturers, including custom made ones.

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